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Ivy League Edit guarantees you an editor who has graduated from one of the eight Ivy League schools. While Ivy League Edit offers a variety of editing services, our specialty is personal statements. Whether you are applying to college, graduate school, or professional school, nothing is more important than your personal statement.

Ivy League Edit helps you develop a personal statement that will not sabotage your own best interests or set you up for failure in the target program. We achieve this with a policy of uncompromising ethics and unrelenting honesty.

At Ivy League Edit, regardless of the type of document you need edited, we answer all of your questions honestly and constructively. We do not just tell you what is wrong; we tell you how to make it right. Your personal editor, an Ivy League grad, is not afraid to tell you what you may not want to hear, since we assume that you would rather hear about problems from your personal editor than from an admissions committee or a recruitment officer in the form of a crushing rejection.

At Ivy League Edit, our focus is not to attain your goal for you. Our focus is to offer the professional guidance you may need to attain your goal on your own. When you do, you can then be confident of ultimate success.

What Sets Us Apart

At Ivy League Edit, every order includes a 30 minute phone consultation with your
personal editor. Other personal statement editing services offer phone consults, usually at
a price that begins in the $300-$400 range. At Ivy League Edit, even proofreading orders
include a phone consult with your editor.

Ivy League Edit offers this service because in your phone consult, you and your editor
can discuss, very frankly, the question that you need an answer to: Does your essay
work? Does it hook the reader? Does it tell your story? Is it approachable in tone? You
are too close to your essay to answer these questions, but your personal editor at Ivy
League Edit, an Ivy League grad with an extensive background in personal statement
editing, can answer these questions.

If your essay is a "train wreck," we will let you know, and what is more, we will place
your order on hold so that you can develop an essay to resubmit that we can then go
ahead and edit. In effect, this gives you more than just a phone consult with every order
that you place with Ivy League Edit; it gives you a chance to develop a better essay even
before we begin working on it.

No other personal statement editing site offers you this service.



What are People Saying About Ivy League Edit?

"You were incredibly helpful, without sugar-coating anything…"


I am writing to truly thank you for your help in putting together a personal statement for me. I've been accepted to two medical schools so far and I know that your work helped get me there. Thank you again!

SK, Medical School